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Owner's Story

Maria Peck in Paris, France to curate the

Tiara Day boutique collection

Maria Peck merchandising Tiara Day product in

the Downtown Frederick storefront

Maria Peck
is the dreamer, owner, stylist, and designer behind Tiara Day.

Wanting ‘the place where girlfriends shop’™, Maria dreamed of creating a store that was a celebration of the feminine spirit within.  A boutique focused on a time to pamper and empower that feminine spirit.

As the creator of Tiara Day, her goal is to hand pick one of a kind antique/vintage items as well as vintage inspired items from designers in North America, Europe, and Japan to intrigue and pamper her customers on a continuous basis throughout the year. Her displays are a recipe of sparkle, fragrance and warmth, creating an uplifting atmosphere and a brief respite from the stress of everyday life.

Maria’s customers have come to trust and depend on her choices for unique gifts, decor, outfits, jewelry, and accessories. With a reputation as a professional accessory stylist, Maria is available by appointment for one on one bridal and formal occasion accessory shopping.

Maria's journey into her dream of creating Tiara Day has been full of hard work and diligence in making her vision a reality. Starting out originally in Kensington, Maryland, she relocated in 2009 to the quaint, historic district of downtown Frederick, Maryland on the corner of Market and Second St. She was at this location for 13 Years until August 24, 2022 when a fire destroyed her entire shop and the entire building her shop was located in on the corner of Market and Second St.  However, this did not stop her and she did not give up her dream. She kept her faith that she would end up where she was supposed to and on July 29, 2023 she opened a newly reimagined Tiara Day just six doors down at 141 N. Market St.

She is continuously looking for ways to create that special, one of a kind atmosphere which keeps customers returning every time they’re in town to see what’s ‘sparkling’ new and exciting at their favorite little boutique.

It's been 17 years since Maria first envisioned Tiara Day and every day she looks forward to working at the shop and helping her customers. Being a hands on owner allows her to get to know not only her customers tastes but her customers on a personal level. You will often find her encouraging her customers and friends to follow their passions and dreams, just as she’s done.

And, of course, she always wears her tiara ...because every day is a Tiara Day!

Giving Back

Anne Lynn Gross Breast Cancer Resource Center & Scholarship Fund

Cancer has affected each of us in some way, whether
a family member, friend or even personally. Having lost two beloved grandmothers to cancer, I feel a connection to many of my customers who’ve shared
in their own encounters with cancer. At those moments it’s about encouragement, compassion and empowering each other. These are the very ideals I want Tiara Day to exemplify. 


I was hit even harder when my cherished friend, Anne Lynn Gross lost her battle to breast cancer November 2014. Anne Lynn worked every Wednesday at Tiara Day since the summer of 2011 until she was taken from us. 


But her memory lives on. Every year, I give a portion of Tiara Day’s proceeds to the Anne Lynn Gross Breast Cancer Resource Center & Scholarship Fund at Frederick Community College. This scholarship fund is open to any cancer survivor or person receiving treatment for any form of cancer. It’s one step in sharing, with others in the community, the strength and empowerment, Anne Lynne brought to Tiara Day.

– Maria Peck

Read more here.

Tip Me Frederick

I’m passionate about all animals but especially cats. Just call me, ‘’crazy cat lady”. Even my store has many items dedicated to those felines and the owners who love them. Over the years, I’ve adopted numerous rescue cats, some from the streets of downtown Frederick and if I can’t adopt, I find loving homes to
care for them.

As in many cities and towns across the country, overpopulation of cats has been an issue. I help an organization here in Frederick, Maryland, Tip Me Frederick, a non-profit that provides resources for
stray cats, barn cats and feral cat colonies and their caregivers.

Tiara Day sells Maryland and USA cat decals with a portion of the profits going to support Tip Me Frederick. We also donate to their fundraising events and provide donations of cat food to local feral cat colony caretakers. On First Saturday Gallery Walks, Tip Me Frederick sets up outside of Tiara Day to provide information about their program and the benefits of Trap Neuter and Release.

– Maria Peck

Visit their site here.

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